Noch ein musikalischer Tipp EC 2019

Lieben Dank an Stefan Schulz und Syndae mit der Ausgabe 494 und Musik von „Quaeschning meets Frick“ – main act auf dem EC 2019:

Episode 494

Don't let the music die

So I am just preparing for a short trip to a small town. Not that small, actually, as it is the biggest in its region. Quite a nice region as well with nice places of interest around. Yeah, right, some of you will have guessed it, I am talking about Detmold. What’s so interesting about Detmold? Well, it is the place hosting the excellend Electronic Circus festival for several years now. What better reason to visit a place than experiencing high quality musical acts? And there are more such festivals to come, in the Netherlands and in the UK. Don’t hesitate to go, because, suddenly, such an event might get cancelled. Sad greetings over to Belgium where this just happened with B-Wave. Hence, no time to waste but run for the upcoming festivals. Meanwhile, get prepared for fantastic tracks by Quaeschning meets Frick (The Seaside Stage Session), IcingWolf (Sonic Waves), elAstrum (Summer Vacation), Giriu Dvasios (Remixes), Michael Brückner (Astronauts 2 – The Great 1994 Gravity Escape), Croavig (Blastproof)


Quaeschning meets Frick – Part 2 (The Seaside Stage Session)
IcingWolf – Sonic Waves (Sonic Waves)
elAstrum – Vimana Shastra (Summer Vacation)
Vejopatis – Taskas (Giriu Dvasios Remix) (Giriu Dvasios Remixes)
Michael Brückner – A Space Prophecy (Astronauts 2 – The Great 1994 Gravity Escape)
Croavig – Driven (Blastproof)


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