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Breaking News: Die ersten Künstler für den EC 2018 sind „Audiometria feat. Javi Cánovas“ aus Teneriffa/Spanien als Opener und die „Tiny Magnetic Pets“ aus Irland, die als Support für OMD auf der letzten Tour auch international bekannt wurden.

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Audiometria feat. Javi Canovas first Act at EC 2018

The Tenerife based band Audiometria feat. Javi Cánovas will perform at the 2018 Edition of the Electronic Circus Festival on 29.09.2018 at the Sommertheater in Detmold, Germany!

Audiometria consists of the two musicians Miguel Justo and Javi Cánovas.

In our opinion they perform their very own “Tenerife School” of Electronic Music which is a brilliant mixture of traditional Berlin School with some special influences of the sunny Island Tenerife. All the music is recorded in an underground cave studio.

The live performance will consist of pieces from Audiometria and Solo Pieces from Javi Cánovas.

Audiometria is an electronic music duo composed of Miguel Justo González and Javier Cánovas. Formed in early 2014 with the idea of rescuing and researching pioneering electronic music developed in Berlin in the 70s, it tries to approach the musical essence of those years but without losing the character and personality that each one gives based on their musical influences.

Javi Cánovas
The Santa Cruz/Tenerife based Javi Cánovas releases electronic music since more than 15 years now and there are already nearly 30 solo releases available from him! Brilliant musical gems that are highly recommended to be discovered by everyone who loves classic electronic music.
Audio Metria and Javi Cánovas will perform for the first time ever in Germany at the Electronica and Traditional Electronic music based Electronic Circus Festival!

Welcome to the show Javi and Miguel!

Here some musical references of Audiometria and Javi Cánovas:



Javi Cánovas


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The Tiny Magnetic Pets are the second Act for EC 2018!

The Irish band Tiny Magnetic Pets will perform at the 11th Edition of the Electronic Circus Festival on 29.09.2018 at the Sommertheater in Detmold, Germany!

In Autumn of 2017 the Tiny Magnetic Pets embarked on a hugely successful 20 date tour of the UK and Ireland supporting synthpop legends OMD. The band made many new fans and sold out of the first pressing of their latest album Deluxe/Debris.

Named after the collectable Japanese toy, Tiny Magnetic Pets from Dublin, are unusual on the current Irish music scene. Rather than be influenced by singer/songwriters or indie rock, the inspiration behind their music comes from Bowie’s Berlin period, 70’s krautrock and early disco, with a good measure of 80’s synthpop thrown into the mix. With the quintessentially pop vocal delivery of Paula Gilmer, it could be said that Tiny Magnetic Pets operate in uncharted musical water, somewhere between Kylie and Kluster.

The band have accrued strong support for their blend of electronic European pop. Ex-Visage member and founder of the Blitz club, Rusty Egan, has been an enthusiastic champion with a remix of their track ‘Control Me’. Another fan is Andy McCluskey from OMD who in 2016 recommended the band “for all lovers of distinctive electronic music”. After opening for NEU! legend Michael Rother at the Electri-City festival in Düsseldorf, they played a blistering show which led to them opening for ex-Kraftwerk member, Wolfgang Flür. That show was a defining moment for Tiny Magnetic Pets, leading to two collaborations with the technopop legend on their latest album.

The Tiny Magnetic Pets are:

Paula Gilmer: Vocals, Synthesizer
Seán Quinn: Synthesizers, Vocals, Guitar
Eugene Somers: Percussion.

Welcome to the show Tiny Magnetic Pets!

Here some musical references of the Tiny Magnetic Pets:




The last act for Electronic Circus 2018 is Harald Grosskopf!

Harald Grosskopf together with Andreas Kolinski will perform „Synthesist Reloaded“ at the 11th Edition of Electronic Circus Festival – 29.09.2018 at the Sommertheater in Detmold, Germany!

And here some personal words from Harald:


…„end of 1979, just a few years after my involvement on KLAUS
SCHULZE`s unique and timeless MOONDAWN album, two years
after CORRELATION by ASHRA had seen light and I, first time in
my career as drummer, worked on an electronic solo album. The
technical skills of those times were so limited, that even in my
brightest dreams I had never ever spend thoughts to perform
SYNTHESIST live on stage ever.

In cooperation with keyboarder and producer ANDREAS
KOLINSKI it is now since a while possible and I really enjoy,
to be enabled to bring the album highlights and its magic back to life
for the audience.

Musical improvisations are unrepeatable, but themes can be
newly improved and transferred into now“…


…„Gegen Ende 1979, nur ein paar Jahre nach meiner Mitwirkung
an KLAUS SCHULZE`s einzigartig zeitlosem MOONDAWN
Album, zwei Jahre nachdem CORRELATIONS von ASHRA das
Licht der Welt erblickt hatte und ich zum ersten Mal in meiner
Karriere als Schlagzeuger an einem elektronischen Soloalbum
arbeitete, waren die technischen Voraussetzungen noch sehr
limitiert, so dass ich nicht einmal im Traum daran dachte
SYNTHESIST jemals Live auf eine Bühne bringen zu können.

Unter Mitwirkung des Keyboarders und Produzenten ANDREAS
KOLINSKI ist das seit einiger Zeit möglich und so freue ich mich die
Highlights des Albums und deren Magie für ein Publikum
wiederbeleben zu können.

Musikalische Improvisationen sind zwar unwiederholbar
einzigartig, aber man kann Themen erneut improvisieren und sie
in die Gegenwart transferieren“…

Welcome to the show Harald & Andreas!

Here some musical references:




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